Nationwide coverage via the T-Mobile network.

Network prioritisation.

Push-to-Talk as a complete service.

A quick call set-up of 0.5 seconds.

Direct and flexible usability.

What we offer?

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for mission-critical communication, PrioCom offers Quality of Service with priority on the nationwide T-Mobile network.

Our solutions

How we work?

We consciously opt for a strategic partnership between three parties. T-Mobile offers a reliable network, we monitor the performance of the network and the performance and development of the Push-to-Talk application and the reseller (or business partner) ensures customer-specific services. With this focus, we can jointly offer PrioCom end-users the best quality.

How we work

Who we work with?

To ensure that our process- and mission-critical Push-to-Talk service works optimally, we work closely with a wide range of reliable, professional partners.

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