More and more enforcement bodies are opting for PrioCom’s Push-to-Talk solution

A guaranteed service

Nearly all enforcement organisations currently use the nationwide, public two-way radio network for their mission-critical communication. However, this network suffers from persistent coverage problems in certain locations. This is because some areas in the Netherlands are too sparsely populated to make the investment in an extra transmitter cost-effective.

Enforcement personnel need a group communication network that:

  • Provides optimal coverage throughout their areas of operations;
  • Guarantees the accessibility and reliability required for mission-critical communication.

PrioCom’s Push-to-Talk solution provides these capabilities. Service availability is guaranteed, as it is integrated directly into the core of the T-Mobile network and the connection runs through a private section of the T-Mobile network. This way, PrioCom offers its mission-critical users Quality of Service. The priority module ensures priority on the T-Mobile network in case of escalations.

The reliability of the network is guaranteed by T-Mobile based on emergency power supplies and redundancy of vital components. When one fixed mobile radio fails, another one always takes over, so that high availability can be realised.

Read more information about the network here.

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