How we work

PrioCom offers mission-critical communication as a service. Mission-critical means that someone’s safety depends on the ability to communicate. The public internet is inadequate for such a communication link. Therefore, the connection of a PrioCom user does not run via the internet, but on a personal, virtual network slice on the T-Mobile network, the Netherlands’ best network.


In cooperation with our business partners, we equip end-users with a device with a Push-to-Talk application connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network and a control room environment or dispatcher. We will continue to guarantee future technological developments in our total service in the field of mission-critical communication.

Mobile Device Management

To ensure optimal operation of the Push-to-Talk application, we operate Mobile Device Management. A practical example is the control over the microphone. We offer a service for a device with an emergency button. At the moment the PrioCom user pushes the emergency button, the speech connection – and thus the microphone function – must be immediately available for the Push-to-Talk application. We validate the devices, so we can guarantee optimal operation.

Strategic partnership between three parties

We consciously opt for a strategic partnership between three parties. T-Mobile offers a reliable network, we monitor the performance of the network and the performance and development of the Push-to-Talk application and the reseller (or business partner) ensures customer-specific services. With this focus, we can jointly offer PrioCom end-users the best quality.

Making life easier for our business partners

We also aim to provide our business partners with the best possible service by providing our product knowledge, commercial knowledge and support.

Marja Dieben

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