PrioCom introduces the Push-To-Talk solution prioritising mission-critical communication

PrioCom markets an end-to-end Push-To-Talk (PTT) service characterised by priority access to T-Mobile’s mobile network. Defining and managing priority levels is possible at the customer level.

The T-Mobile network is characterised by a high level of nationwide coverage, high availability, high capacity and exceptional speed. T-Mobile also has a one-hour minimum backup power supply per site for 4G.

Suitable for process- and mission-critical communication

The Push-To-Talk application has been created according to 3GPP standards and is ready to be connected with existing (radio) networks and new private LTE systems. The application is also ready to evolve from 4G to 5G. PrioCom offers its own virtual private network on T-Mobile’s public network with high availability, adequate bandwidth and a higher than usual Quality of Service. This makes the solution also highly suitable for process- and mission-critical communication, in particular when, in addition to speech-based group communication, users want to send data or when there is a regional or even nationwide operational area.

Complete service

Flash Private Mobile Networks is the first PrioCom reseller (or business partner) providing the solution to customers as a complete service, on both a temporary and a permanent basis. The service consists of a device, a PTT application, a SIM card and a network connection. In addition to the PTT service, a control-room application can also be purchased as well as a control environment for mobile devices. Customers can take advantage of Flash’s so-called Full Service Concept so they never again have to worry about their communication needs.

Picture: Angelo Bul (PrioCom), Simone van Putten (Flash Private Mobile Networks) and Richard Marijs (T-Mobile)

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