T-Mobile Customer Day on 1 November 2018

Last year, our connectivity partner T-Mobile organised its first Customer Day with huge success. The next Customer Day is scheduled for 1 November and, on behalf of T-Mobile, we cordially invite you to register as well!

Innovation and Collaboration

The T-Mobile Customer Day is this year focusing on entrepreneurship, where innovation and collaboration are central to success. Leonie ter Braak, journalist at WNL, will take a tongue-in-cheek look during the day at the current innovative issues that play a role with entrepreneurs. Think of leadership in this era of digital transformation, the Internet of Things, the development of integrated communication and safety.

Mission-critical communication

Simone van Putten (CEO) and Wim Stam (Business Development Manager) from Flash Private Mobile Networks, PrioCom partner and reseller, will give visitors to the T-Mobile Customer Day an impression of current and future developments in mission-critical communications.

Take a look at the T-Mobile Customer Day interview below: