‘T-Mobile still has the fastest 4G network in the Netherlands’

T-Mobile continues to lead the way in 4G speeds in our country. Our connectivity partner not only offers the fastest download speed on its 4G network, but also has the lowest level of delays.

This is the result of a study carried out by OpenSignal, based on analyses of network use of almost 17,000 devices. In September 2017, T-Mobile was also found to be the best 4G provider.

OpenSignal analysed the download speed and delays on the 4G networks of the four largest providers in the Netherlands: KPN, T-Mobile, Tele2 and Vodafone. The organisation also commented on the availability of the 4G network. T-Mobile came out on top in all categories.

The download speed on the T-Mobile network increased by 17.5 per cent to 54.2 Mbps, compared to the September results. Tele2 and KPN followed with download speeds of 44.4 and 43.7 Mbps, respectively.

In addition to the fastest download speed, T-Mobile also has the least delay in its 4G network.

Source: nu.nl

Marja Dieben

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