T-Mobile ahead of the pack again with 4G speed

All four Dutch mobile operators have achieved more than 90% availability on their 4G network. This is evident from OpenSignal’s most recent report on the Dutch mobile network market. As with previous surveys, PrioCom’s network partner T-Mobile scores highest.

OpenSignal carried out a total of 312 million readings on Dutch operators’ 3G and 4G networks on more than 20,000 mobile devices. The results have been processed in seven categories. T-Mobile wins in four of the seven categories, particularly with its 4G network (highest download speed, highest upload speed, lowest latency). T-Mobile is neck and neck in two categories (3G download and 3G latency).

Dutch operators score exceptionally well

OpenSignal says the results show that ours is one of the top countries with the most advanced 4G networks. Based on analyses of other markets with good 4G networks, OpenSignal does maintain that the potential for speed increase and better availability is exhausted.

Source: Telecompaper

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